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Congratulations Gunner of Knoxville, TN for this months winning question!
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Hi Chipper!

My Dog Doc mom needs some help with choosing a leash for me and my fur
sibs and wants one she can also recommend to her clients, especially when
discussing training option for her patients. She uses us to demonstrate things
so wants to buy something she can use and demonstrate but also have at the
clinic available for the clients to purchase.
What do you recommend?
Gunner Doxie
Knoxville, TN

Hi Gunner!
Great question. I recommend the leashes and toys in DogKingdoms store;
Click on the picture here:


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Congratulations Cassie from Sacramento CA for winning with your question   
on dosimeters!

Dear Chipper,

Do we wear the x-ray badges under the apron of over the apron?

Cassie, Sacramento, CA

Great question Cassie!! We wear the dosimeters )x-ray badges that record
exposure to x-rays) on TOP of the apron. Be sure to always wear your
dosimeter and to only use yours.

Thanks and keep those questions coming!!
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Hi Chipper!
Do we have the right to tell our employer we choose to NOT wear the PPE and
will sign a paper saying we accept any risk?

Hi Melanie
Sorry but no we do not have the right to refuse to wear the PPE required for
job duties that our employer specifies. Before an offer of employment all
employers will show or explain to you the PPE policy and if you cannot abide
by it you simply should not accept the position because if we do accept that
position then don't wear the PPE required then the employer has the right to
fire you.
Sounds harsh I know but thats the way it is.
Hope this helps!

I think your mom will love the
Freedom No Pull Harness
And the Kingdom Go Fetch package has a
great toy selection that my fur sibs and I love!
Happy shopping

Chipper Cheyenne