The Simple Solution to Haz Comm and GHS Compliance
    Meets and exceed OSHA and AAHA requirements!!!

    (M)SDS/Hazards Reminders Charts:
    package of 2 personalized and fully laminated and ready to post wall charts
    Only $89.95
    plus S&H
    Hazards reminders for those Secondary Containers
    OSHA says YES! We can post charts, for example on inside of cabinet doors in exam rooms, in
    treatment area, by lab long as employees understand and are directed as to their
    Simply FILL IN SIMPLE FORM WE PROVIDE  and we do the rest

Other Signage:
    No Food or Drink
    Sign for Refrigerator Door
                                                 4 labels per sheet!
             $7.95 per sheet
OSHA Safety Products
from a name you can trust
Kendrick Technical Services, LLC
    Faucet Mount Eyewash Station
    $149.95 plus S&H
    S&H $15.90
    OSHA Approved for Veterinary Clinics!
    Universal Mount for Both Standard and
    Gooseneck Faucets
    Chrome plated brass pipe and fittings for a bright,
    mirror finish
    Universal Identification Sign and Inspection Tag Included
    One Step Activation Process
    Exceeds minimum water flow of 0.4 GPM at 30 PSI
    Full One-Year Warranty
    Best Protection at Low Price for Reusable
    $89.95  (Plus $7.95 S&H)
    Half-Mask Respirator

    Reusable respirator perfect for pregnant employees
    NIOSH Certified

    Note: NO FIT Testing required if voluntary use by employee and discussed with their medical
    Fit Testing involves a very specific set of rules often misunderstood and interpreted by many so
    get the definitive OSHA answers here- Fit Testing Requirements
    3M respiratory half mask is not only the best quality, but it is manufactured by the most trusted
    name in the respiratory industry. The 6000 series is known for being lightweight and
    comfortable, soft, contouring face piece available in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.
    Provides good visibility and proper protection. Can be disassembled, cleaned, and reused many
    times. NIOSH approved and will meet 42 CFR 84 standard if used with the appropriate filter
    media. Easy to adjust, 6-point head strap suspension provides a secure fit. The included multi-
    gas cartridges, provides respiratory protection from certain organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen
    chloride, sulfur dioxide, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, ammonia, methylamine,
    formaldehyde or hydrogen sulfide (escape only) at concentrations up to 10 times the
    Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) with half face pieces or 50 times PEL with full face pieces.
    Includes mask & One pair of 3M Cartridge/Filter 60921, Organic Vapor/P100 .
$7.95 each
Please note: this chart design is
copy right protected by
Chery F. Kendrick &
Kendrick Technical Services, LLC
NO Copying Permitted!!
$7.95 each
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$7.95 plus S&H
$7.95 plus S&H
    Face Shield Perfect for doing dentals!
    Only $35
    plus S&H

    Ratchet Faceshield Assembly, Visor Material Polycarbonate,
    Visor Color Clear, Visor Thickness 0.04 In., Visor Height 8 In.,
    Visor Width 15-1/2 In., Headgear Material Plastic, Headgear Color Blue, Features
    Offers Excellent Optical Clarity for Medical Use, Pivoting Features Allow Window To
    Kick Up When Not In Use, Standards ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact