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Regulatory Compliance Simplified
OSHA, Red Flag Rule, DEA, FDA, HIPAA, DOL,
let us help you with your regulatory     
compliance program

               Red Flags Rule Compliance package

    Red Flags Rule have you confused? We have the forms you
    need. Complete compliance package as per FTC requirements:
    Protocol form, checklist and employee training program all here
    in our easy to use Red Flags Rule Compliance package.

    NOW Available for the Medical or Dental practice!!

    Download only   $249   

    CD-ROM only      $289 (free shipping!)

         Whatever your specialty we can design training tools and  
    OSHA Safety Manuals specifically for your clinic. MSDS
    burdens? We can set up your MSDSs in binders and on back-up
    CD-ROMs AND provide you with a continuous updating service
    so you are never caught with out of date MSDSs.

    Over 25 years experience designing, writing and training
    employees on workplace safety, infectious disease control,
    Zoonotic diseases, and Bloodborne pathogens.
    Let our experts take the compliance burden off of you.

    We have specialty programs for all medical specialties as well
    as the dental practices. Yes we do alternative practices too!!

    Bottom Line: You and your practice managers don't have to re-
    invent the wheel! Let the experts help set up your compliance
    program today.

    All of Dr. Kendrick's written materials, training materials and
    consulting services come with full 24/7 access to her for any
    and all of your questions. The beauty of working with Kendrick
    Technical is you are never alone again- Once you sign up with
    us for any materials or services we are there to provide

    In a recent interview when asked about the value of the
    services and materials Kendrick Tech provides, renown
    regulatory specialist and much sought after speaker, Dr. Chery
    F. Kendrick, had this to say:

    "The most important thing to me is that Safety Officers,
    practitioners, their practice managers AND their employees
    never feel alone when it comes to OSHA questions. That's why I
    make sure they understand they can contact me by phone, fax
    or email anytime! 24/7! So when you purchase my materials you
    also purchase the peace of mind that you have someone there
    to "watch your back" to assist you. To me that is a vital part of
    the materials and services I offer."

     Protect Yourself from OSHA Fines by having the proper
    Manuals, MSDSs, and Employee Training
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    Dr. Chery F. Kendrick
    Regulatory Specialist
    Kendrick Technical Services, LLC
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     "Compliance Assistance You Can Count On- One Medical
    Professional to Another"
    Providing high quality Medical and Scientific writing and editing
    services for over 25 years. Regulatory Specialist for the
    Veterinary, Dental and Medical  professions. Personalized
    Compliance Documents and services delivered with the  high
    quality service you have come to expect from Kendrick

    Ask about our new for 2009  Employee OSHA Training and Safety
    Officer Training Programs now available on CD ROM - fully self-
    contained and self-paced study programs - a seminar without
    leaving home! Tell us your needs and we will tailor a training
    program specifically for your practice. Call today and see what
    Kendrick Technical can do to ease your compliance burden.