(M)SDS Services
Be Prepared for the New GHS/SDS System!

    The ONLY Vet Med Specific GHS/SDS products
    GHS/SDS Training for your team
    Includes Laminated GHS VetMed Specific Chart
    Only $549* plus S&H
    Be sure to be ready - OSHA GHS/SDS (Global Harmonized System/Safety
    Data Sheets)
    training must be in place and completed by December 2013. We have
    the only Veterinary specific training program and charts.
    Note all of our (M)SDS packages also include new SDS as they become available

    Only $359 *plus S&H
    Includes All Available Updated SDS (Safety Data Sheets)

    For the Do-It-Yourselfer: CD ROM with current (M)SDSs for veterinary products
    developed from our MSDS master server list. Special offer if you need an MSDS
    that is NOT on this disc simply send the request to us and we will find the MSDS
    and send it to you no extra charge!
    Look at the hours your tech would spend looking up and downloading or printing
    all the (M)SDSs- compare that to the price of CD ROM that includes all the (M)SDSs
    right there at your fingertips!

    MSDS and Chemical Inventory List Compilation Service
    Price: $499* plus S&H

    Let Kendrick Technical Services take the pain out of (M)SDSs for you and
    Inventory List and (M)SDS library on CD-ROM (binders format available for
    extra handling/materials fee- please see below for pricing).

    Here’s how it works: You provide me with the inventory sheets of everything
    in the clinic, and I take it from there - I obtain all of the (M)SDSs you need and
    prepare a CD-ROM with them all on there in pdf file format (easy to read and
    print as needed).

    Full Services MSDS Binders plus CD
    CD-ROM PLUS Binders PLUS Update services
    Price: $1595* plus S&H

    Same service as above with CD-ROM plus printed MSDSs in
    binders beautifully organized and categorized

    This also includes TWO Years of MSDS update service- this means that your
    clinic is added to my database and your inventory list is compared daily to
    MSDS updates, and that means that if there is a new MSDS that comes out for
    a product in your inventory then I immediately send it out to you, including the
    new GHS SDSs as they become available!

    Also if you add a new product, simply email me and I will add it to your data
    base and get the MSDS for the product to you.
    No more trying to find the MSDS, no more wasted tech time. Let Doc Chery
    take the pain out of MSDS OSHA requirements for you.

             To Start- Send payment then Fill in the MSDS Services
    request form, fax it over with your inventory sheets and we take it from
    there!You receive your complete Chemical Inventory List plus personalized
    site-specific MSDS CD-ROM and binder within 5 business days!

    In A Hurry? Need expedited services? $289
    Add express service fee here
    Same day service as we receive your information,
    then materials shipped the next day (shipped the 2nd day)

    Payment by check may be sent to:
    Kendrick Technical Services, LLC
    P.O. Box 5793
    Maryville, TN 37802-5793
        Note: for services requested via mail with check
         materials shipped within 5 days of ck clearing

OSHA Code of
Federal Regulation:
All employers must
start to phase in
GHS/SDS system as it
becomes available.

All clinics must have
completed GHS
training by
January 1, 2014

Communications Rule
All MSDSs should be
easily available for
affected employees

Computer access is
adequate if and only if
personalized for your
clinic and available to
all employees should
need arise

OSHA fines for Haz
Comm violations start at
$7,000/violation; that
means per missing or
unavailable or out of date
MSDS or employee's who
can't locate AND interpret
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